QLD Safety (Roadworthy) Certificates for Caravans and light vehicles 0.75tonne to 3.5tonne

Caravan Safety Certificates
Caravan Safety Certificates

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Whether you're being cautious or selling/buying a caravan, a caravan safety certificate (also referred as Caravan Roadworthy) will guarantee your caravan can deliver you safely to your final destination. We offer a fully mobile service for a Gas Certificate and Safety(Roadworthy) Certificate (up to 3.5tonne). 

Caravan and Light Vehicle Safety (Roadworthy) Certificates are required for;

  • Motorhomes
  • Campervans
  • Caravans

Our caravan examiners are insured, licensed and experienced, understanding your adventurous curiosity and the know-how to nip any issues in the bud BEFORE you activate the GPS.

 Things to remember

  • If you are selling or transferring registration and your Caravan is fixed with a permanent plumbed gas system (and is over 750kgs) you will require both a Roadworthy / Safety Certificate & a Gas Certificate.
  • If your Caravan has a permanently plumbed gas system/supply, you will be required to obtain a Gas Certificate with a Safety Certificate.
  • If your caravan or campervan complies with the Code of Practice, we can issue the Safety Certificate on the spot.
  • Failure to meet the minimum requirements of the Safety (Roadworthy) Certificate inspection allows you 14 days to rectify faults and have your vehicle reviewed again.
  • As with all vehicles intended for sale in Queensland, you must display the safety certificate in a visible location wherever you place advertising material.

A Safety Certificate for a caravan campervan or motorhome typically includes;

identification modifications
lights   body and chassis       
suspension wheels and tyres
brakes tow couplings
electrical components