QLD Motorbike Safety Certificates

East Coast provide mobile services for motorbike safety (roadworthy) certificates
East Coast provide mobile services for motorbike safety (roadworthy) certificates

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If you are selling, transferring or just purchasing a new motorbike – whether you’re after a Mobile Safety (Roadworthy) Certificate or want to drop into our Motorbike Inspection Station, you’ve come to the right place! We know what it takes to get your motorbike certified, back on the road or out the door! 

  • East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates has qualified mechanics who specialise in all makes and models of motorbikes.
  • All of our mechanics are Queensland Transport approved and hold the necessary licenses, qualifications & expertise to issue your motorbike with a Safety Certificate /Roadworthy.
  • We are qualified on all makes and models of motorbikes, trail bikes, dirt bikes, Harley’s, scooters and even motorbikes of the historic kind.
  • On top of loving our job and being experienced at it, we come to you mobile service. We offer same day service if you get in nice and quick, and also offer competitive rates!

Things to remember

  • Motorbike safety(roadworthy) certificates are required for motorbikes, mopeds, scooters and tricycles
  • A general mechanic cannot complete a safety certificate. A mechanic must be a Qld Transport approved examiner. To obtain this license the person needs to be a qualified mechanic, have proven to have experience working solely on motorbikes, hold a clear criminal history and thereafter be approved by Queensland Transport.
    Look out for an AIS (Approved Inspection Station) sign or number!
  • Your safety certificate is valid for 2000Kms or 2 months (whichever is first). Keep in mind that once you have used the Safety Certificate/Roadworthy for a transfer or new registration, Queensland Transport requires you to obtain another Safety Certificate/Roadworthy (regardless of the whether it is inside the 2 months or 2000 Kms).
  • It is a Queensland Transport requirement that the Safety Certificate /Roadworthy be attached to the motorbike in a conspicuous place. Failure to display the Safety Certificate could result in an on the spot fine!

A safety (roadworthy) inspection for a motorbike, moped, or scooter typically includes;

identification modifications
seating lights an electrical components
body and Chassis Steering and suspension
chainguards ad chainbelt drives wheels and tyres
Brakes including hand bake engine and drive lines
exhaust emissions speedometer and odometer operation
accelerator and throttle control road test