Truck Certificate of Inspection (CIO)

Truck Certificate of Inspection (CIO)
East Coast offer mobile services for achievement of a Truck Certificate of Inspection (CIO)

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The heavyweights of the road often require a little extra experience to keep them ticking over. Our mobile heavy vehicle inspectors are insured, licensed and experienced, understanding the demands of your lifestyle and the know-how to nip any issues in the bud BEFORE you activate the GPS.

We are able to assist with provision of (COI) reports for;

  • Heavy vehicles from 4.5 tonne to 16 onne including buses
  • Reports for the clearance of defect notices
  • Requirements to meet registration (over 16 tonne) 
  • Fleet management

What is a Certificate of Inspection (COI)?

A COI is an inspection report scheme for the monitoring of vehicles at high risk of no-compliance with standard vehicles. They generally comprise of trucks and other vehicles that travel long distances. 

Things to remember

  • East Coast examiners have extensive mechanical experience. Each representative is qualified and assessed according to strenuous examination processes to ensure the vehicle is safe, secure and roadworthy.
  • Vehcicles under 12 months of age do not require a COI
  • Provision of a COI must be in accordance with the minimum levels of safety as advised by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) exemption an modification applications can be found online
  • Heavy vehicles are required to have a valid Certificate of Inspection every 12 months depending on passenger seating. Exact detail can be found here
  • The Queensland Transport and Main Roads send out reminders prior to the inspection requirement advising of the pending COI validity. This occurs about 10 weeks prior to the new CIO being required. Note the timing for completion of new COIs is strict and must be adhered to;
    • Current Certificates must first expire: If the heavy vehicle is inspected up to 1 month before the current Certificate Expires, the new Certificate will not be allocated to the vehicle until the previous Certificate of Inspection expires.
    • Certificate Inspection dates: If the heavy vehicle is inspected more than a month before the current Certificate of Inspection expires then the new Certificates Inspection date will become the valid certificate date.
    • Impacts of expire certificates: If you obtain your COI after its previous certificate expires, the expiry date of the new certificate will be calculated from the expiry of the previous certificate (e.g. if your COI is normally due on 1 July but you have it inspected on 1 August, your new COI will still expire on 1 July.
  • COIs are expected to be held at all times.

Certificate of Inspection for heavy vehicles , typically covers

identification modifications
seats and seat restraints lights and electrical components
windows, wipers and windscreen

body and chassis

steering and suspension

wheels and tyres

brake components

engine and drivelines

exhaust emissions

road test

service brake test

hand brake test